1. Purpose

These General Terms and Conditions govern the acquisition by users SHOPPYART.COM (hereinafter "Website") of the offered for sale on the Web Site products.

The Website is owned by  Francisco Rafael Martínez Yuste ​ residing in Cañada del Charco 24 - G, 46370 Chiva  (Valencia) Spain, hereinafter SHOPPYART.COM

Through SHOPPYART.COM website offers users a platform that allows them to access and acquisition of works of art (originals and reproductions) or any product or service related to the art world.
Access to the Web Site is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which you agree at the time of placing the order using the form available on the website and to apply, in force at every moment, every time the user accesses the Website; and the acquisition of any product on the Web Site is governed by these General Terms and Conditions. In case of conflict between these General Conditions and the General Conditions of Use and / or Privacy Policy will prevail the text of the General Terms and Conditions. SHOPPYART.COM reserves the right to amend, without notice, the contents of the General Conditions of Contract for customers so that recommends USERS read the Terms each time it makes a purchase in the PORTAL.

2. Sale of works

SHOPPYART.COM states that you have the right to sell, reproduction, distribution and public communication of all the works offered for sale in SHOPPYART.COM.

3. Ownership and accuracy of the content

SHOPPYART.COM states that the content provided in the data sheet, descriptions, features and photographs are a true representation of the products.

4. Price of the Works

The price of the works is fixed by the author. The prices fixed are established in Euros. The amount shown on the Website include local taxes - VAT, in effect always, not including any taxes and import duties to the country of destination and other applicable.

5. Commissions

SHOPPYART.COM gives users the ability to perform works and commissioned portraits from photographs supplied by the user. If the user decides to hire the order, you must pay a deposit of 40% of the request. SHOPPYART.COM send the USER prior drafts based on digital photographs and photographs provided for monitoring the request. After completing the order and with the approval of the user, will undertake the pending payment of the order with the shipping.

6. Purchase of the Work, formalization of the sale and payment of the price

6-a As stated in the clause concerning price, prior to the completion of the form
purchase, the user will know the final price.

6-b At the time that SHOPPYART.COM receives the form of the sale, (the order or request a product) the customer will receive within 24 hours after the order is shipped a confirmation from SHOPPYART.COM the order placed in the email you specified in the order form.
In this mail you will be prompted for confirmation:
- Product price
-Expenses Shipping
- Any other item that was applicable and inform the user that at this time, prior to the formalization of the sale character.
- Delivery address

6-c After confirmation of order The user must pay for the product before shipping. In orders to pay 40% of the total price and see completed assignment must pay the full price before shipping.

6- d The user may choose any of the two systems for payment of the price:
-System PayPal (access conditions of use PayPal)
-Bank Transfer to the account provided in the confirmation email cart.

7. Certificates of authorship and originality issued by SHOPPYART.COM.

- For all the unique original works both as giclées artistic works, SHOPPYART.COM issues a Certificate of Authenticity of the work signed by the artist.

8. Delivery of Works acquired

SHOPPYART.COM manage the delivery of the Work to the user through an international or national prestige Courier, who will be ultimately responsible for the delivery at the address that the user has indicated in the order form, not being SHOPPYART. COM responsible for delivery problems resulting from an erroneous or inaccurate information provided by the user.
The maximum period between the execution of the sale and delivery of the Works shall be 30 days and 60 days commissioned works. For these purposes, be deemed to delivery has occurred at the time the carrier for the transport of the Work Projects makes available to the user. In the event that a delay in the deadline set attributable to SHOPPYART.COM it occurs, the user will have the right to return the Work. For this purpose, it is not considered that there is a delay in delivery of the Works at the course in which the Work has been retained in the office of export or import or made available to the user within the deadline but has not been delivered by fault of the user.
In the event that the carrier made an unsuccessful attempt delivery will leave a delivery notice to the user so that he can contact the carrier and arrange a new delivery.
In the event that neither the carrier nor SHOPPYART.COM may contact the user to coordinate the delivery of the Work within a maximum period of 15 working days from the first delivery attempt, the carrier may a refund of the Work to SHOPPYART.COM, assuming the user all the expenses incurred (delivery, return and any other associated management).
At the time of delivery, the user must check the package status, indicating the delivery note any anomaly detected in it. Also, if after opening the package, the user detects any abnormality in the Work, undertakes to notify SHOPPYART.COM via email with the subject order number or through your menu user.

9. Return of the Work

The user shall have a period of 14 calendar days from the effective delivery of the Work for which may cancel the sale and return the Work.
To this end, the user must inform the return by E-mail to SHOPPYART.COM contact the user to validate the return process and send the order of the Courier will be responsible for the return, who will be informed of the return. The user must contact the Courier and Courier managed with this collection of Works.
SHOPPYART.COM only accept returns that meet the following requirements:
1. Sean exercised on schedule.
2. The Work must be in the same condition it was delivered and must retain their original packaging.
3. The return must be in original packaging or similar characteristics, to ensure the perfect state of the Work.
4. You must include a copy of the delivery note of the Work.
Once the author of the original work has received the work or, in the case of a reproduction SHOPPYART.COM receipt thereof, shall be ensured that the work is in perfect condition and status of user accounts is passed to function the amount paid, return costs and associated expenses.
The user may choose to change the work returned by another work of your choice or the slope back your statement.
If you choose to change for other work, positive or negative balance of user statement regarding the new purchase will be calculated and shall pay the balance.
If you choose to return the balance of your statement, SHOPPYART.COM proceed within less than 30 days to pay the balance in the same way that the user had made payment of the Work.

10. No refund painting courses Online

Due to the nature of the courses, "LEARNING" that once sent teaching materials in digital format and passwords to view the videos the user can back not return the payment thereof is contemplated.

11. Guarantees

For sales of all works on this website, SHOPPYART.COM warrants:
- Authenticity.
- Originality.
- No infringement of third party rights.
- Do not be the historical heritage Work.
- Not being the Work an unexportable or cultural interest well.
For sales of reproductions, SHOPPYART.COM responsible as a seller of such works and reports that owns the copyrights assigned by contemporary authors.

12. Security and accidents

In the case that the work suffer a loss, SHOPPYART.COM agrees to redeem the work stricken by another chosen by the customer or credit the customer for the amount paid.

13. Intellectual Property

In addition to the provisions of the General Conditions of Use SHOPPYART.COM informs users that the authors of the Works manifested be the holders of intellectual property rights thereof and therefore, users agree not to use the Works for any purpose that violates the above copyright.

14. Protection of personal data

Additionally, as indicated in the Data Protection Policy of the Website, which is fully applicable to this transaction SHOPPYART.COM informs its users:
- That the information provided by the user in the process of purchasing the Works will be used by SHOPPYART.COM for the sole purpose of being able to formalize the sale and manage the delivery and the eventual return of the Purchased artwork.
- That does not store transaction data or data on means of payment.
- Users may, at any time, in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and its implementing regulations, exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation written and opposition of your personal information by request sent by email to the address

15. Severability

In the event that any provision of these Terms is held invalid, the remaining clauses shall remain in effect and shall be construed according to the will of the parties and the purpose of the text.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions are governed by Spanish law. For any questions which may arise or actions arising from the provision of services and content SHOPPYART.COM and the interpretation, application, fulfillment or breach of what is established, SHOPPYART.COM and the USER expressly waiving any other jurisdiction I could apply, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Valencia.