About the Artist

The Artist Paco Yuste

Paco Yuste is a versatile artist, that is dominating various painting techniques, however, is in the hyper-realism, where the artist shows its full potential by creating richly detailed artworks and treated with care. “Neutral backgrounds that enhance the figures, exquisitely culminated in every single detail. The artist works on a basis of [acrylic] transparencies and culminates with thin oil glazes, offering a soft feel whole screen. His still lifes often conquered by materials like glass or metal, show a high level of expertise in almost photographic precision of his brushstrokes. Analytical performance and ordered in the compositions, care plans carefully, recreating the details that he dominates and traditionally carries a high degree of difficulty. He handles the light and its effects on objects with extraordinary ease, making his still lifes in exquisite pieces of art, very balanced, where even the coldness of the matter seems to be tempered, sometimes touching certain mysticism. ” (Quote translated from the Spanish Art Magazine: Llei d’Art Independent Art Magazine, No.4-2010)