What kinds of artworks are available for sale on Shoppyart?

On Shoppyart are for sale original artwork, hand embellished giclee prints limited editions, photography, drawings, oils paintings, acrylic paintings, etc. from the artist Paco Yuste and from selected collaborating artists. You can choose between different categories available sorted by artworks by price, artworks by size, artworks by theme, artworks by style, artworks by technique and commissioned portraits.

What should I consider when investing in a piece of art or buying a painting?

A fundamental question is: How much will you spend? You do not need to spend thousands of Euros to start collecting art; you can get an excellent medium sized original artwork by investing € 900 to € 1500 and a larger size for € 2000 or € 3000.

Another question is: Do I really like this artwork? If you're looking to fill only some bare walls, there are numerous trinkets that eventually end up in the trash. But if you are a person who loves art and you want a painting to live with it every day you should buy one you like but with technical quality. The artwork must have meaning for you. Should stimulate your feelings and cause sense of wellbeing, peace of mind and pleasantness. It will be a beautiful artwork for posterity that will be revalued over time.

What kind of artwork or painting can I buy if I do not want to spend so much money?

You can buy Giclees Prints Artwork. On Shoppyart are for sale giclees prints from the world's most talented emerging artists in limited series and open series.

The limited-edition art prints are embellished with oil or acrylic, hand-signed and painted by the artist. Embellising the artwork relates to intensify or enhance the highlights and shadows strongest hand, oil or acrylic. That is why the intervention of the artist in each of these works is straightforward. Finally, firm hand and a protective finish varnish is applied.

Worldwide continues to increase the demand for art giclees on canvas in limited series, embellished in oil or acrylic by the artist ... And Shoppyart also offer this product for being a very good option, cheaper than the unique original artwork. It is a good choice to start an art collection.

What is embellishing a giclee print and why is it so popular?

Giclee print as it comes out of the printing plotter without embellishing

Embellishing Techniques

The term "embellishing" the dictionary defines it as: "Give beauty and highlight the beauty of a person or thing". Another dictionary defines it as: "make beautiful by ornamentation to decorate or add details of fantasy." When we speak about an artwork giclee on canvas we mean that the artist paint by hand certain areas of the picture to improve the color and add details. The term light has been used for engraving artists to mean the same to add some color and details by hand.

The technique of embellishment being done by hand by the artist makes each work a unique artwork and these carry the particular seal of each author. Some artists apply paint and texture bodied and others like the artist Paco Yuste apply thin glazes to intensify high lights and shadows and improve color.

The embellished giclee work is very similar to the original work

With embellishment technique ensures that each project is unique and is as an original. Embellished giclee works are very limited series. In the case of Spanish artist Paco Yuste series are only 20 to 50 units and usually less size to the original work. These pieces of art are in greater demand as collector's items. They are hand signed and delivered with a certificate of authorship signed by the artist.

Sample image of giclee embellished by the artist Paco Yuste

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at the gallery with any questions on hand embellished pieces.

When buying a painting ... Is there some rule to know or set the appropriate price, based on the size of the painting or according to other rules?

No, there is no rule that lets us know the price depending on the size of the picture. A small picture can be worth thousands of Euros and one large hundred. It depends largely on the trajectory and the publicity has been given to the artist who painted it. The works of artists who have received more publicity and established, have higher price. A great new artist can go unrecognized some time and as a result his works have fewer market prices. However, regarding this it is needed to clarify: any original artwork involves minimum prices of creation, realization and distribution that according to the country of origin will be reflected in the sale price. For example, a small artwork can take a considerable amount of work hours that vary depending on the technique, the motif and the amount of detail. From the conception of the idea to the realization of the artwork can add 40, 50, 100 hours or more. And in the case of large artworks, even months of work. If one takes account only of working hours can get an idea of ​​price, and it must be considered the cost of marketing, promotional expenses, catalogs, exhibitions, fairs, etc. So the question arises: What consideration should be given to the alleged "artworks" that circulate on the net for a pittance?

As above we can establish the next standard for original artwork or pictures: If an artwork or a picture seems too cheap to be an original hand painted artwork, is that it is not an original and therefore is false.

To ensure the quality and originality of our artworks Shoppyart gives a rigorous authoring certificate signed by the artist.

Authorship certificate sample that the artist Paco Yuste supplied with his artworks

What have I to assess when deciding to buy a painting or an artwork online?

Here are some suggestions:

  • First think about the budget you have available. 

  • Look for a work you like, it stirs, and perhaps that reminds some special experience for you or some intimate occasion. It may be related to your hobbies, your job or some commemorative event. And if it's for a gift painting, think about the person you want to give the picture likes.

  • Browse and value ​​the work, effort and quality. Do not be fooled by "artworks alleged" lack of content, do not say anything, which sellers do have to resort to speculation to justify the price. Although some people say otherwise, everyone knows the difference between a master artwork and a trinket.

  • If the price is high you should see lots of details that give an idea of ​​the amount of work it took to complete. This is especially true in the case of hyper realistic artworks with plenty of details.

  • Requires an author certificate to quality assurance and authorship of the artwork (See the section authorship certificate).

  • Consider your right of withdrawal. As client can always return if do not like the painting.

  • If you have found a work that brings together all these features can purchase his work and sure to be a piece of art which enjoy you and your family surely is upgraded over time and pass from generation to generation


What is an original print or fine art giclée?

It is one performed by a graphics processing or printing: engraving, serigraphy and more recently giclee printing. To be considered original print, the artist must intervene directly in the process of realization in technical, characteristics and quantity of the series. These series have the advantage of being cheaper than the unique original artwork. These works are equally profitable and do not lose their value, in fact are numbered and signed by the author. (See: What is the Giclee Print?


Can I order my own artwork according to my likes and needs?

Yes, another option is to create an artwork with your own photos, on request. The artist also must provide a certificate of authorship. You undoubtedly has many photos that have sentimental meaning to you: your hobbies, your wedding, that wonderful honeymoon trip or for those who want to immortalize unforgettable holiday on a canvas. Or maybe your children or their parents, the list is endless. As an example, say that you are the owner of a fine wine cellar, no doubt in your cellar walls hang photographs of the winery, vineyards and bottles of their best wines. Although we do not doubt the value of a picture, why not turn some of those pictures in unique artwork painted in oil?

How can I turn my photos into oil paintings?

You can do it, providing a quality photo where details can be interpreted. Keep in mind that to turn a photo into an artwork hand painted it will be necessary eliminate certain minor details and give importance to the main theme and perhaps change the photo framing, so it will be convenient to treat the matter with the artist.

What quality should take photos to turn them into works of art?

Quality should be the maximum possible that details are visible, and the artist can interpret. Keep in mind that the details do not appear in the photo cannot be interpreted.
What is the procedure for ordering a artwork from a photo?

1. Agree on the price

You must upload by E-mail pictures to be converted in portrait or painted box. After analyzing the quality of the photos, we will contact you to try the frame and other details of the execution of the work and the price of it.

2. Formalizing the order
To complete your order you must pay the initial amount, 40% of the agreed price.

3. Confirmation of the previous sketch.
The preliminary sketches are digital and give a very clear idea of ​​how the artwork will. Once you formalized the order will be sent a preliminary sketch of the work based on his photos.

4. Painting the work.
After confirming the sketch the artist will proceed to paint your work and once finished will send you a photo of it for confirmation. You will then be asked to pay the full amount and after that we will proceed to send you the artwork properly packed in a tube or rack mounted to the address you have provided to us.

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