Campos García heraldic shield (PY000120EH)

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Your personal or family heraldic shield

We can all represent by means of a heraldic shield or coat of arms our personal or family name. Here I explain how you can order your own.

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Here I explain how you can order your heraldic shield: To maintain originality, it is essential to avoid buying an open serial reproduction like hundreds of people with the same last name.


The easiest way is to create one that represents your family and adopt it as your own.

How to do it?

You can order your own shield based on the symbols that represent your last names and combine them ... but the ideal is to create a completely new and original one that represents you or your family and that clearly reflects your ideals, hobbies, your profession or your goals in the lifetime.


For the creation of your shield I follow a heraldic methodology but applying my experience as a hyper-realistic plastic artist.


The first step is to have a conversation to find out which direction I will have to work. Once I know this, I will start making a preliminary sketch that I will adjust and refine until I reach the final artwork that I will do with the same technique that I apply to the rest of my artworks.


In the image that appears you can see an example of the sketch made for the surnames Campos Garcia. In this case, the final artwork will be done on a canvas on a board with a 40 x 40 cm frame ready to hang.


The price that appears is the base price for a shield of this type and with the measurement of 40 x 40 cm ... but it can increase depending on the size, type of support and complexity.


Remember: A heraldic shield that represents your last name or your family will undoubtedly become a piece of art that will be passed from generation to generation. In addition, as in the case of all my works, it is delivered with a rigorous certificate of authorship.


Delivery time depends on the volume of work and can be from 15 to 20 days.


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