Commissions of artistic painting, portraits, de...

Painting commissions, portraits, design, decoration

Painting commissions, portraits, design, decoration



Ordering an artwork is nothing new ... Numerous masterpieces of the past were commissions. An example of this is the Sistine Chapel commissioned to Michelangelo by Pope Julius II. Leonardo Da Vinci was another painter whose commissions became masterpieces of art. "La Gioconda" was a commission. Personally, I consider each assignment as an opportunity to get the best out of myself. It is a challenge that awakens my creativity to manifest my artistic talent in a sublime way for the delight and satisfaction of the client.



The theme can be very varied and will depend on your likes and needs. It can be a portrait of a painting painted in oil that commemorates an event that is important to you or that shows others your craft or their hobby.



In the history of art we find numerous examples of artists who have made versions of artworks of other artists or of their own sometimes imitating the style ... in others, the way of working, the form of the artwork or its composition. Delacroix, Botero, Picasso and Francis Bacon made versions of works by other artists. For this reason if you discover an artwork in the collections that you are passionate about but not available, you can order a version of that artwork that you like. The version will be based on the artwork that you are passionate about, respecting the theme and composition but it will be a different and original artwork. You can see below two versions of the same theme and with a similar composition.


PY7014CR_1500_2          PY7013CR_1500_2_Transparencias_luz_y_color_VI_I



The price of a work depends on several factors; among them is the technique, the size, the elaboration, the complexity, etc. The price of a pencil or pastel drawing is not the same as an oil painting. The complexity of the dress, the beads and the background can affect the final price. My prices range from € 70 for pencil drawings in A3 size to more than 15000 for large format works 130 x 200 cm. painted in a hyperrealistic style. As for the murals, the price will vary depending on the complexity, the elaboration and the objective of it. If a mural does not fit into the classification given by the ministry of culture for artworks...  if it is only decorative or commercial, the price will be lower. For that reason, if you want to have an artwork of mine, do not hesitate to contact me as we can adjust the order to your budget and to different forms of payment.


The first step is to contact me. Call me by phone at +34 96 212 85 69 or WhatsApp at +34 610 29 32 36 and tell me your ideas.

Or fill in one of the following forms to request a quote:

Hand-painted portrait budget request form

Form request form budget of picture or mural painted by hand


Once you have all the necessary information I will proceed to send you a quote with all the details of the execution of the work.

For more information on how to order a portrait see: HOW CAN I COMMISSION A HAND PAINTED PORTRAIT?

For more information about murals, see: CUSTOM PROCESS AND MAKING A PAINTED MURAL BY HAND




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