Hand painted mural - Proposal process

Hand painted mural - Proposal process


In ordering a project like this it is important to be clear about what each party expects. Below is the process of commissioning and painting of a mural by hand.

1) Discovery conversation

To do this fill out the form to request a quote and make a first description of the project including the size mural wall or support and a brief description of space and creative direction for the artwork. If possible send me photos or images on which the mural will be based.

2) Deeper Conversation

After a deeper conversation about the project either through a phone call or on-site, I will provide you with a written estimate of work.

3) Price

The final price depends on several factors including the following: mural size, amount of details to be painted as the number of characters, location ... If the place is difficult to access etc.

4) Signed contract and deposit for the design.

In my work proposal I will include a contract. If you want to go ahead with the design phase for the mural (or decoration) you must send me the signed contract along with the deposit that can vary according to the size of the mural. The design deposit is usually 20% of the total price of the project and includes up to 3 sketches. Once I receive the design deposit and signed contract I will start working on designs for your mural and I will program the project.

5) Design and drafting process

I will begin the design process through a collaborative brainstorming session involving visual ideas and images that could inspire the work.

From our conversation about the design I will create several sketches digitally represented or through collages that will give you a clear idea of how your mural can be.

Once presented the first design will have another conversation to integrate any modification or arrive at a completely revised design.

In most cases the designs are based on photographic representations and photomontages, so the sketches are not an exact literal representation of how the finished work will be seen. In mural painting I could adjust colors, scale and composition in relation to the immediate environment. The finished work will undoubtedly be much more creative and artistic.

6) Deposit for the painting of the mural

To begin the painting artwork on the place I will need another deposit of 50% of the total price of the work. This allows me to schedule and reserve the dates of completion and organize the materials.

At this point, we will review the concept of mural design again and see if any of us have had new thoughts or ideas about mural design. We will confirm the start date and time, and any preparation of the space, as necessary.

7) Painting

I usually paint for 6 to 8 hours a day starting at 9 in the morning. In outdoor work I adapt to the light conditions and depending on the exposure of the sun on the wall. My goal is to do things well, and work until the client and I are satisfied with the results.

I let you know when I'm near completion and proceed to review the work together to see if something is missing or not feeling well. We create a list of the final settings that are needed, and assuming it is within the original scope, I make the final adjustments. Then the mural is complete.

8) Final payment

A final payment of the remaining balance must be settled upon completion of the mural.

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