Paco Yuste - Statement - Biography - Exhibitions

Paco Yuste - Statement - Biography - Exhibitions

Paco Yuste -  Statement - Biography - Exhibitions



As an artist I love the harmony, balance and symmetry that I find in nature all of which contribute to a great beauty. I can be captivated by the light passing through the leaves of a tree creating a subdued light that partially illuminates some flowers, or how the sun's rays frolic when they move on different glass bodies that give rise to a myriad of shapes, colors, reflections and shadows. I can be entranced by a flower, the eyes of a child or the beautiful figure of a woman. For me, everything in nature: forms, light and color is like an open book that connects me directly with the Creator, creating in me feelings of gratitude and reverence pushing me to create art.





My source of inspiration

My inspiration comes from many sources. I want my art to be beautiful also have great power of seduction and so I resort to realism carried to its highest expression. My works must sensitize, transmit emotions and feelings ... even fascinate. Therefore I use symbolic elements, elements such as transparency of the glass, the hardness of marble, flower and fresh fruit sprinkled with raindrops, the red rose symbol of passionate love, etc. In my opinion, the beauty of the sun reflections on glass objects is only comparable to the charm of the face of a beautiful woman and the beauty of the flowers ... so, in many of my works I decide to combine two or three of these elements creating delicate, attractive, incredibly beautiful and full of symbolism compositions.  


Creative process

When I think about performing a new work I can start from a previous idea or emotion without having very clear what the final result will be. As the idea matures it becomes clearer in my mind. Then I take my own photographs with models for the realization of the work. Each artwork can be based on one or more of these photographs. At other times the reverse happens, is a pre-image that gives me something, an emotion or a feeling that leads me to create an artwork from that picture.




The technique

I do the underpainting with acrylics and the overpainting with oil glazes. Once I have prepared the canvas and the drawing is transferred, depending on the subject I have to paint I apply a monochrome grisaille or a verdaccio. I do it with modern acrylic colors with excellent light fastness. I continue to work the underpainting working in layers with acrylic colors. Once I have developed the artwork with this procedure to satisfaction I apply several coats of matte finish transparent acrylic medium. I then proceed to finish the work in oil-based glazes, enhancing lights, shadows and intensifying contrasts, adding nuances and painting the final details. After drying the oil paint I apply to all the artwork a final satin varnish.

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Francisco Rafael Martinez Yuste with the artistic name Paco Yuste Monreal was born in Valencia, Spain in 1958. From childhood he felt great fascination for drawing and painting. His art interest was awakened from very young and was already perceived at the age of 12 years old, period of his childhood in which he spends his free time drawing his favorite comic book characters. He studied illustration and design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium 1985 - 1988. In 1988 he returned to Spain. Two years later he began working as freelance in illustration and graphic design and later in murals painting. Always seeking excellence in performing his artworks specializes in murals of great format (18m. X 5m.) And performs commissioned portraits. In the 90s hi follows several continuing education courses to adapt to the new technologies applied to graphic design, illustration and Web design specializing in programs like Photoshop, Freehand, Corel Draw, etc. In 1998 he held his first exhibition at the International Exhibition in Barcelona ARTEXPO with Gabriela Art Gallery and has since fully devoted to painting.

His works include topics as flowers, crystals, still life and figure. Many of his works are in private collections in Spain, England, Belgium, France, Russia, China, Japan and The United States.



Paco Yuste is a versatile artist, that is dominating various painting techniques, however, is in the hyper-realism, where the artist shows its full potential by creating richly detailed artworks and treated with care. “Neutral backgrounds that enhance the figures, exquisitely culminated in every single detail. The artist works on a basis of [acrylic] transparencies and culminates with thin oil glazes, offering a soft feel whole screen. His still lifes often conquered by materials like glass or metal, show a high level of expertise in almost photographic precision of his brushstrokes. Analytical performance and ordered in the compositions, care plans carefully, recreating the details that he dominates and traditionally carries a high degree of difficulty. He handles the light and its effects on objects with extraordinary ease, making his still lifes in exquisite pieces of art, very balanced, where even the coldness of the matter seems to be tempered, sometimes touching certain mysticism. ” (Quote translated from the Spanish Art Magazine: Llei d’Art Independent Art Magazine, No.4-2010)




2006. Diffusion of the Arts Association. Valencia

2007. Diffusion of the Arts Association. Valencia

2008. Col.lectiva Exposició the "Petit Rome." Gallery d'Art Odenna's. Tarragona

2008. Gallery Cova Mar Menor San Javier (Murcia)

2008. Cartagena Mediterranean Space Gallery

2009. House of culture Pedralba  (Valencia)

2009. Cova Gallery CC Mar Menor San Javier (Murcia)

2009. Valencia Artealtea Gallery

2010. Jadite Galleries, New York, USA

2010. House Corrales Enguera  (Valencia)

2010. Cova Gallery CC Mar Menor San Javier (Murcia)

2010. Buckley Gallery, Cork Dublin, Ireland

2011. Cova Gallery CC Mar Menor San Javier (Murcia)

2011. Buckley Gallery, Cork Dublin, Ireland

2011. Galería Cova CC Mar Menor San Javier (Murcia)

2011. Buckley Gallery, Cork Dublin Irlanda

2011. Gallery Cova CC Mar Menor San Javier (Murcia)

2011. Buckley Gallery, Cork Dublin Ireland

2012. Buckley Gallery, Cork Dublin Ireland

2012. Teatro Liceo, Cheste (Valencia)

2012. The House of Culture, Godelleta (Valencia)

2012. Gallery L'Atelier D 'Idées CC Costa Azahar Benicarló (Castellón)

2012. Cafe teatro, CasArte Azul, Velez-Malaga (Malaga)

2013 Occupation and Culture Center, Onda (Castellón)

2014 Gallery Crearium, Monzón (Huesca)

2014 Gallery Arte, Paris

2014. Museum Ploiesti, Romania

2015. 2.0 Forum creators, Madrid

2015. TVAA Gallery Dallas, USA

2016. Art Mirror Gallery, Tarancón (Cuenca) Spain

2016. Cobalto Gallery, Murcia Spain

2016. Decovarte Gallery, San Javier (Murcia) Spain

2018. Art Gallery  Averroes Hotel, Cordoba Spain

2018. Prado Goyart Gallery, Madrid Spain



1998. ARTEXPO international fair. Barcelona

1998. INTERART international fair. Valencia

1999. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2000. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2001. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2002. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2003. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2004. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2005. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2006. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2007. FAIM. Independent Art Fair of Madrid

2007. FIM International Fair. Valencia

2008. Lleidart. Lérida

2009. International Art Fair, Open Art Fair Utrecht, Netherlands

2009. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2010. Art event in Castellon, Castellon

2010. Habitat Valencia  International Fair

2011. Isaloni, Milano, Italy

2011. Art event in Castellon, Castellon, Spain

2011. Art Week in Marina D'or, Oropesa del Mar, Castellon Spain

2011. Habitat Valencia  International Fair, Spain

2012. ArtZ Zaragoza

2014 International Art, Guillena (Sevilla)



2009 Special Award 2009 Carrousel du Louvre, for the work: "Crystals II"

2010 Special Award 2010 Carrousel du Louvre, for the work: "The light is also sweet"

2018 First Prize Cordoba Hotel Averroes  in the IX Collective Exposition Summer paint, work: "Cristales II"



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2013. Introduction to airbrush painting, PDF manual

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2018. Annual book "Arte y Libertad XII"


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