Paco Yuste - Dawn in a new world GL-PY160619M Fine Art Giclée


Paco Yuste - Dawn in a new world GL-PY160619M Fine Art Giclée

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Fine Art Giclée on canvas Limited Edition embellished by the artist by hand, using acrylic glazes.


Limited edition: 200 units + 1 A/P (Artist Proof)

Author: Paco Yuste

Dimensions: 73 x 116cm.

Year completed: 2019

Art movement: Realism

All rights reserved.


How a Fine Art Giclée artwork is made

This beautiful painting is based on one of my original artworks. To carry out this artwork, first I take a high resolution photograph of the original work, then a giclée print of high quality is made, after which I proceed to embellish the whole work by hand adding certain textures and glazes with acrylic colors. Then I proceed to reference it on the back of it and sign it by hand. This confers each artwork its particular stamp so that at the end there are never two equal artworks. The artwork is delivered with rigorous certificate of authorship.


This is a special edition that was made to 200 units plus an Artist Proof (A/P) on the recommendation of a friend. The objective is that this artwork is available at a very affordable price and that more art lovers can acquire one of these works.


The work is sent mounted on a 35mm 3D frame ready to hang (Only for Spain). The rest of the countries to facilitate the shipment is sent rolled up in a rigid cardboard tube.

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