Paco Yuste - Love Guitar (PY6143F) original artwork


Paco Yuste - Love Guitar (PY6143F) original artwork

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Artwork painted in oil with the technique of glazes on acrylic grisaille on canvas in the style of the great masters of the past ... using materials of the highest quality, which confers a great realism in the tones and details of the skin and excellent durability to the piece.


The materials and the realization of this artwork of the highest quality guarantee the durability of the piece. This artwork, exquisitely painted in oil, is delivered with a rigorous certificate of authorship, which gives it great value as an exclusive piece of collection and as an investment.

This piece of art is of an extraordinary quality and beautifulnes ... it will greatly contribute to embellish your home or office and the admiration of your friends.

Oil on acrylic on canvas and satin varnish completely hand painted by the artist.

Author: Paco Yuste

Dimensions: 73 x 100 cm.

Year of manufacture: 2013

Art movement: Hyperrealism

Unique original artwork.

All rights reserved.

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